Angels in our Midst

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Life is an Act of Courage!

Feeling life with its suffering is weakness; inspiring life is strength. The flower is the most symbolic visible form of that life is: Beautiful, Fragile, Ephemeral…Enjoy it! We are an instant that disappears in time; there is nothing to hide; and nothing to lose. Life is suffering becuase of its form; It is beauty becuase of its nature; and a mystery becuase of it its miracle. We have a mind so narrow that we evoke with more strength, a more insignificant offense than hundreds of received benefits. Enjoy a boy’s smile and console an old person’s tears. Ugliness is like the herb, beauty is like the flower, it one dries up the other withers. In essence they are the same thing.

Friends of Children with Special Needs (FCSN) is a support network for disabled individuals and their families.

The FCSN adult programs help developmentally delayed adults learn social and job skills to increase their quality of life, while the children’s programs provide learning activities not readily available to them elsewhere. FCSN also offers in-home respite services to help take care of disabled individuals when their family members cannot be present.

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