Wildlife Bridge Program

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As a piece of our arrangement to spare the Titi monkeys, Kids Saving the Rainforest places untamed life connects that cross over the streets of Manuel Antonio.

With the assistance of the neighborhood hydroelectric organization (ICE) and nearby specialists, we keep on erecting spans as required and to painstakingly keep up the scaffolds we’ve raised throughout the years.

Keeping the monkey spans protected and useful is a tremendous activity, because of typhoons and various different elements.

Mono Titi monkey utilizing KSTR monkey connect, photograph by Doug Morgan.

Around 3000 basically jeopardized Titi monkeys (dark topped red sponsored squirrel monkey subspecies) stay as per late examinations by natural life scholar Lenin Rosales. This is awesome news in light of the fact that quite a while back there were just 1200-1500 people and the valuable monkey was fundamentally jeopardized. The mono titi populace in Manuel Antonio is on the expansion because of preservation endeavors like the monkey scaffolds, reforestation and projects showing sightseers not to bolster the monkeys. Their status has been moved up to “imperiled” starting at 2008 and we’re warily idealistic about their future. The main sources of death for these valuable primates are electric shock by electric wires while crossing streets and being hit via autos. Enable us to keep the titi numbers developing by liberally supporting the monkey connect program.

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