Lifetime care to animals

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Natural life Sanctuary likewise gives lifetime settlement and care to creatures that can’t be discharged. Huge numbers of the occupant creatures living in the haven have been kept in poor conditions as pets and created behavioral scatters, so can’t come back to nature. Others have turned out to be excessively utilized, making it impossible to individuals and don’t know how to scavenge for nourishment or stay away from normal predators. A few creatures have supported changeless physical handicaps because of impacts with vehicles, structures or power links and can’t be come back to nature. Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary offers these inhabitant creatures an agreeable and safe condition in imprisonment, while accommodating their physical, mental and social needs.

Another of our goals is to fill in as an instructive place for nearby, national and global guests, group gatherings and schools, universities and colleges. We trust that instruction is a key segment for enhancing human-untamed life conjunction, to guarantee the various scope of natural life occupying Costa Rica, and around the globe, is kept up for who and what is to come. Our long haul objective is to decrease human related untamed life wounds by means of mindfulness raising, logical research and actualizing alleviation systems.

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