The Mystery of the Ordinary Place.

Entries are open to all artists, designers and studios to submit work for the chance to take part in the exclusive exhibition being held in Hong Kong From the 2nd to the 7th December 2021.
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Culture impacts our life, economy and living.

Making a difference

Good design endears people and it is outcome driven. It is the people’s needs and not administration needs as advocated by experts in the field.
The making of good design is indeed both art and science. Its adoption is increasingly strategic at both leadership and policymaking levels and in business across sectors, professions and industries.



Upcoming events, exhibitions and happenings

Jun 02 - Jun 2712:00 am

1910 The Post Impressionist Exhibition

1910 The Post Impressionist Exhibition

Although they often exhibited together, Post-Impressionist artists were not in agreement concerning a cohesive movement.

Jun 18 - Jun 2712:00 am

A Summit of Masterpieces

A Summit of Masterpieces

About half of all the extant works by Pieter Bruegel the Elder are on show in the Bruegel exhibition in Vienna.

Jul 29 - Aug 2612:00 am

John Derek Teaches Historical Course

John Derek Teaches Historical Course

Dr John Derek, will address in the course ‘Verifiable Jesus to Written Gospels’ in our Department this semester.

Communication, Education &


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It was this, as much as anything, that gave people courage, and I suppose the...


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Runs towards the Maybury

In a few minutes there was, so far as the soldier could see, not a living thing...


Miles from Oregon

A likely story indeed! said the Pigeon in a tone of the deepest contempt....


Born to design & produce

That decree was final, and so Tal Hajus drew his long-sword and advanced to...


5 Contemporary Tattoo Artists That You Will Love

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The creation of a mural; the Royal Hotel

Let us pity them, my chieftain, for even though we die at their hands we can...


The politics behind

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Discover culture

Our local sector is becoming a crossroads for the creative scene of the 21st century. The world is watching to see what's taking shape.

The Cultural Council

Orange County was called a ‘cultural desert.’ Today, it is home to more than 200 arts and organizations that offer over 42,000 events.


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